Two-Thirds of the New James Bond Movie May Take Place in His Mind

The director of No Time to Die, Cary Fukunaga, speculated that a major part of the movie may take place in the mind of James Bond. While the production of the latest 007 installment has been plagued by issues, the rumors around its plot have not ceased to emerge one after another. With the movie set to release in November, its director now has to wait and see if audiences will approve of his efforts. In the meantime, people keep speculating on the plot and analyze every word of the filmmaker.

Fukunaga Was Toying With Risky Plot Treads for His James Bond Movie

Movie Director Fukunaga in front of a microphone
Two-Thirds of the New James Bond Movie May Take Place in His Mind

In a recent interview, Fukunaga mentioned that the plot of the movie may feel far different from previous installments of the James Bond franchise. When asked about the possibility of metaphysical elements, the director said he was considering having two acts of the film occur inside Bond’s mind. He also remarked that this would be a big risk for a Bond movie director.

The Plot Possibility Was Tied to a Scene from the Previous Bond Movie

A scene from a James Bond movie; Daniel Craig pictured with a device on his head
Two-Thirds of the New James Bond Movie May Take Place in His Mind

Fukunaga had an idea that the movie could all be happening inside the lair of the villain from the last film. In it, there was a scene where a needle enters the head of James Bond, making him forget everything. However, he manages to miraculously escape shortly after and go on to save the day with Léa. That’s how he came up with the idea that everything in his movie, up to the end of the second act, could be happening inside Bond’s head.

This is indeed a revolutionary idea for the 007 movie franchise, and it could either be amazing or disastrous, depending on the execution. Even though the director said this was an idea he merely toyed with, it has gotten fans going on the possibilities. Some are completely opposed to this idea while others find it interesting and would love to see what Fukunaga might have done with it. Ultimately, everyone will have to wait and see what the latest James Bond movie is about when it finally gets released this November.