‘Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits’ Trailer Is Now Available

As one of the biggest martial arts legends in the world, Bruce Lee rarely needs an introduction. The American home video distribution company, The Criterion Collection, is coming out with a tribute to the legend in terms of his life and work of martial arts. It’s going to be a Blu-Ray box set that includes five of the classic kung fu movies where Bruce Lee has starred.

bruce lee crouching tiger hidden dragon shot
‘Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits’ Trailer Is Now Available

Bruce Lee at the Height of Stardom

The Blu-Ray set is going to capture a large chunk of Bruce Lee’s time at the height of his stardom. The seven-disc set includes a variety of special features like alternate film versions, interviews with some of Lee’s collaborators, documentaries about his life, along with some of his philosophies, commentaries, as well as promotional material.

The trailer is out now, and fans are getting excited about what’s to come.

Some of What the 7-Disc Box Set Features

Bruce Lee Portrait
‘Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits’ Trailer Is Now Available

Here are some of the features on the 7-Disc Blu-Ray box set:

  • A New 2K digital restoration of Enter the Dragon, a 99-minute 1973 theatrical version which has rarely been seen.
  • Restorations of Fist of Fury, The Big Boss, The Way of the Dragon, and Game of Death.
  • A 102-minute Special Edition of Enter the Dragon.
  • Some alternate audio soundtracks for Bruce Lee’s films along with original English-dubbed versions.
  • Audio commentaries by experts Brandon Bentley, Mike Leeder, and Paul Heller.
  • An HD presentation of Game of Death II.
  • A presentation of Bruce Lee’s original Game of Death footage which was produced by Alan Canvan.
  • Brand new interviews with Matthew Polly, Lee’s biographer on all five films.
  • An interview with Andre Morgan, a producer on Golden Harvest.
  • English-language dubbing with Michael Kaye and Vaughan Savidge.
  • Interview with Grady Hendrix, author of “Bruceploitation.”
  • A documentary from 2004, Blood and Steel, about the making of Enter the Dragon.
  • Documentaries and programs about Bruce Lee’s life and his philosophies.
  • Interviews with Lee’s widow, Linda Lee Cadwell along with his collaborators and admirers.