Possibly the Greatest Hole-In-One Happened at the Masters

Jon Rahm, the Spanish golfer, had a lot of luck on his 26th birthday. He didn’t only play at the Masters, but he also scored a hole-in-one, probably the greatest one in Masters history. Even though it was during the practice round, it was definitely impressive and one that will be remembered for years to come.

Jon Rahm at the 2020 Masters
Possibly the Greatest Hole-In-One Happened at the Masters

Skipping His Way to a Hole-In-One

Rahm ended up skipping the ball across the pond and into hole No. 16 for an impressive hole-in-one. It’s tradition to skip the ball across the pond during the practice rounds leading up to the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. However, after the ball reached the other side with a favorable bounce, it continued to make its way, weaving all around the green and into the hole.

No fans were present to watch due to the pandemic restrictions, but it was televised, and Rahm’s hole-in-one made people go crazy on social media. People were using words like “ridiculous” and “ludicrous” to describe the hole-in-one on Twitter, while others even said that it’s the greatest golf shot to ever be seen.

Tyler Greever, a sports reporter, even said that it’s one of the most ridiculous things that he’s ever seen in sports.

Making History at the Masters

Jon Rahm celebrates hole-in-one at the 2020 Masters.
Possibly the Greatest Hole-In-One Happened at the Masters

While Jon Rahm’s hole-in-one was personally observed by only a handful of people, it was still celebrated. The shot would’ve probably sent fans onto the course in amusement, the celebration included cheers from Rahn’s caddies along with his fellow golfers since there were no spectators that could take place.

People are comparing Rahm’s hole-in-one with Tiger Woods’ epic Masters moment back in 2005 with his chip shot, but still saying how impressive it was. It’s definitely a hole-in-one that people will remember and talk about for years to come, especially since it was one that took place at the 60-year-old Par 3 competition.