Wild Moments: Coaches Gone Off the Rails in the 2023 College Football Season

Wild Moments: Coaches Gone Off the Rails in the 2023 College Football Season

The 2023 college football season has brought us plenty of excitement, not just on the field but also on the sidelines. Coaches are known for their passion and sometimes their wild antics, and this season is no different. Here are some of the wildest coach moments so far:

Ryan Day vs. Lou Holtz

When Ohio State pulled off a thrilling last-second victory over Notre Dame, it was bound to be an emotional moment. However, the drama didn’t stop at the final whistle.

Ryan Day vs. Lou Holtz

Head coach Ryan Day had an intense postgame interview where he aimed a broadside at 86-year-old Lou Holtz, who had questioned Ohio State’s strengths. Day continued his tirade in the postgame press conference, reigniting a beef with a retired coach and broadcaster who had been out of the limelight for years.

Chip Trayanum’s Game-Winning Lunge

The Notre Dame defense contributed to Ohio State’s victory in an unusual way. During two goal-to-go plays at their own 1-yard line, Notre Dame had only 10 defensive players on the field.

Chip Trayanum’s Game-Winning Lunge

It was a crucial mistake, and it allowed Chip Trayanum to score the game-winning touchdown right over the spot where a lineman was missing. The gaffe occurred on consecutive plays, making it one of the most unforgettable moments of the season.

Dan Lanning’s Fourth-Down Obsession

When Oregon faced Washington in a game with high-stakes playoff and Pac-12 implications, head coach Dan Lanning treated fourth downs as if he were playing a video game.

He went for it on three separate occasions, bypassing two easy field goals and a strategic punt. Unfortunately, all three attempts failed, leading to a three-point loss. Lanning’s aggressive approach, backed by analytics, is part of the modern football trend.

Kenny Dillingham’s Pick-Six

Arizona State had a massive upset bid against Washington but made a costly decision. Leading 7–6, the Sun Devils opted to go for it on a fourth down instead of attempting a short field goal.

Their quarterback threw an 89-yard interception-turned-touchdown that changed the game. Coach Kenny Dillingham expressed concern about his offensive line’s performance earlier in the game but turned down an easy 29-yard kick.

Opposing Coaches vs. Deion Sanders

The arrival of Coach Prime, Deion Sanders, at Colorado sparked a media frenzy. However, not all coaches were thrilled with the attention he received. Colorado State’s Jay Norvell took a jab at Sanders’s distinctive style, including his habit of always wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Oregon’s Dan Lanning used a pregame speech to suggest that Colorado was merely fighting for clicks while his team was fighting for wins.