How Nathan MacKinnon Became a Star After Changing His Diet

Throughout his seven-year career, the NHL’s 2019-2020 season is the only one in which Nathan MacKinnon felt as though he could win the Stanley Cup. His team, Colorado Avalanche, was in second place in the Western Conference, and MacKinnon was fifth in overall points, which made him a major contender for the Hart Memorial MVP Award. It was then that the NFL decided to postpone the season due to the pandemic.

Nathan MacKinnon on the ice during a hockey game
How Nathan MacKinnon Became a Star After Changing His Diet

How Nathan MacKinnon Is Spending His Free Time

Since the NHL season came to an end rather quickly, MacKinnon resorted to the only thing he could do during this time — staying in shape. At the age of 24, MacKinnon gets help and advice from Andy O’Brien, his trainer for many years.

At his home in Nova Scotia, MacKinnon constructed a gym that is 900-square-feet in size. Besides working out in his favorite room at home, he also spends time catching up with old friends, working on his cooking skills, and playing Fortnite.

Diet and Workout

In his gym, MacKinnon has space for warm-up drills, footwork, and Keiser equipment. This includes Rogue plates, bars, Keiser bikes, and dumbbells. He’s working with Andy O’Brien and customized programs to train hard.

Nathan MacKinnon doing workout exercises
How Nathan MacKinnon Became a Star After Changing His Diet

Nathan MacKinnon mentions that the workouts are challenging as they work out different body parts, but each routine is fresh and never repeats. He doesn’t do a lot of squats or bench presses, but he does focus on movement-based workouts.

His diet consists of gluten and dairy-free foods. MacKinnon likes to keep it simple during the day with eggs and gluten-free toast in the mornings to chicken, steak, and salmon with some veggies on the side for dinner.

This is the third season that MacKinnon is gluten and dairy-free. He doesn’t have an intolerance, but he did mention that it helped him become the great athlete he is today.