Bryson DeChambeau Is on His Way to Win His First Major

Dubbed ‘The Scientist,’ Bryson DeChambeau is a professional golfer who is known to always experiment. He most recently was looking to gain three stones (roughly 40 pounds) in nine months to return to the golf course resembling a weightlifter. Since the restart of the season in June, Bryson has had four top-10 finishes and one includes a win at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Bryson DeChambeau poses and celebrates with the trophy after winning the U.S. Open golf tournament at Winged Foot Golf Club – West.
Bryson DeChambeau Is on His Way to Win His First Major

Bryson DeChambeau Showing People Another Way

Bryson DeChambeau changed his body and mindset to accomplish a win while he was still playing a different style of golf. He’s told BBC Sport that he wanted to get even bigger. He’s currently consuming a high protein-packet diet and eating more than some of the largest rugby players in England. He’s proven to be successful as he overpowered the Winged Foot course in New York when he won his 120th US Open.

He’s always been known to challenge the norm. In 2016, he became a professional golfer and the 5th player to win the NCAA and the US Amateur title in the same year. Part of that list includes Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Ryan Moore, and Phil Mickelson. By adding to his size, he’s been able to push the boundaries of golf.

Pushing the Boundaries

Bryson DeChambeau golfing
Bryson DeChambeau Is on His Way to Win His First Major

In Detroit, he recorded the longest average when it comes to driving distance to win a PGA Tour event. He had 350.6 yards, and his average drive was 324.4 yards. He consistently achieves a great distance, which doesn’t surface Mike Schy, his coach.

Schy mentioned that even when Bryson Dechambeau was young, he would tell people he had a crank ball. According to Schy, if he sets his mind to do something, he can do whatever he wants.

DeChambeau is currently fueling his muscle growth experiment with a 3,000 to 3,500 calorie diet as he works on winning his first major.