Astronauts Drop Tool Bag While Out on Spacewalk for Repair Job

Wikimedia Commons // NASA-iss070e014305

Breaking news: lost in space, tool kit! It may sound like a joke, but on November 1 this year, NASA astronauts Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O’Hara spent nearly seven hours doing ‘space jobs’ outside the International Space Station (ISS) before contriving to lose their valuable tool kit to the abyss of space.

Solar Array Fix and an Unplanned Space Odyssey

In a recent spacewalk, NASA astronauts accomplished some crucial tasks outside the International Space Station (ISS). They successfully ensured a solar power array accurately tracked the Sun for optimum energy generation. Another achievement was removing a handling bar fixture that was causing tracking issues, a necessary step for future solar installations.

Wikimedia Commons // NASA-iss069e092348

Alas, their tool bag managed to slip away into space. The good news was that the tools inside weren’t needed for the remaining tasks. We do wonder if an alien lifeform will pick them up sometime in the distant future.

Biometric Innovation in Spacewalks

In a bid to make staying in space safer, the NASA astronaut duo wore state-of-the-art bio-monitor headbands, which were packed with sensors that monitor an astronaut’s health and physiological parameters, while minimally interfering with their crew activities.

The spacewalk saga adds a touch of cosmic misadventure to the routine, reminding us that even in the vastness of space, tools can have a mind of their own!