Captain Sir Tom Moore Begins a Walking Initiative to Help the Lonely

It’s a sad fact that loneliness is deeply felt and understood by the elderly very often. That’s why, now that lockdowns ensue in many areas of the world and loneliness spreads to those affected, Captain Sir Tom Moore decided to start a walking challenge with the goal of promoting wellness and engaging people in a good cause.

Captain Sir Tom Moore
Captain Sir Tom Moore Begins a Walking Initiative to Help the Lonely

Captain Sir Tom Moore and His Charity Work

A veteran of World War 2, Captain Sir Tom Moore, made extraordinary fundraising efforts during the UK’s first lockdown. He raised over 33 million pounds for NHS charities by making one hundred laps in his garden by his 100th birthday, which was on April 30th this year. Due to the success of his efforts, which made global headlines, he was knighted in May. Understanding the importance of mental health and wellbeing, Moore set up a foundation aimed towards helping those suffering from loneliness. The Captain Tom Foundation that launched in September is supported by four other charities including the Royal British Legion, the mental health charity “Mind”, the Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes, and the Helen and Douglas House children’s hospice in Oxfordshire. A WW2 veteran, humanitarian, and centenarian, Captain Moore has signed off rights for a biographical film to be made of his life.

Captain Sir Tom Moore Being Knighted
Captain Sir Tom Moore Begins a Walking Initiative to Help the Lonely

A Global #WalkWithTom Initiative

With loneliness being something that millions of people have been struggling with this year and will continue experiencing in the coming days, Captain Moore calls upon everyone to take action. He told reporters that there will be many lonely and frightened people out there that we need to provide help to and that we can all brave this difficult situation together. With lockdowns and tight restrictions in effect in the UK, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the #WalkWithTom challenge started on November 5th. People are encouraged to walk at home, around their garden, or do any kind of walking and share it with others via social media. The goal is to keep one’s mind occupied, get exercise, and increase happiness. The foundation has a JustGiving page where anyone can provide donations.