Rescue Organization Saves Dozens of Dogs From Puppy Mills

Pooches shouldn’t be in puppy mills and there’s at least one organization actively ensuring they aren’t. Recently, more than 70 puppies and dogs, surrendered by commercial breeders and puppy mills in the Midwest, were rescued by BISSELL Pet Foundation. The organization has also made arrangements for their care until those cute canines find loving families to adopt them.

The Rescue Mission

The puppy mill’s dogs, rescued by the BISSELL Pet Foundation, are made of different breeds like poodles, French bulldogs, Klee Kais, Shiba Inus, Shih Tzus, and many more. All those dogs boarded a rescue flight from Missouri for their second chance in Connecticut. There are many shelters in Missouri already filled with adoptable pets. Now, facilitated by the organization, the new venue was ready for the rescued pups. Upon landing in Connecticut, shelter workers all over the Northeast welcomed the dogs and helped them in starting their adoption journey. Those former puppy mill pets were then transported to different shelters across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The foundation members hope that these adorable passengers of the rescue flight will inspire animal lovers in those states to adopt their next pet very soon.

The Pet-Loving Foundation

Through various lifesaving programs, the BISSELL Pet Foundation is adequately equipped to help pet shelters across the U.S. and the animals they house. The founder of the organization Cathy Bissell said in a statement that the new families that may not have thought about adoption before, will come to the shelters now for the excitement of receiving these puppy mills dogs. So, along with this commercially bred section, all the other pets in their care will have an equal chance to be considered for adoption. She also assured that the foundation is fully committed to continuing such rescue works and providing support to meet the ongoing needs of the shelters and their pets.