Oliver Jeffers on “Begin Again” and Parenting

The Inspiration Behind “Begin Again”

Oliver Jeffers, a renowned author and illustrator, has crafted a unique narrative in his latest book, “Begin Again.” Jeffers was inspired by his observations of the world’s complexities and the importance of reflection.

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He wanted to create a story that encourages readers to think about our planet’s past, present, and future, and how we can learn from history to make better choices moving forward.

Lessons on Connection and Empathy

In “Begin Again,” Jeffers emphasizes the significance of connection and empathy. He believes that understanding each other’s stories and experiences is crucial for fostering a more compassionate world. This theme is deeply personal for Jeffers, who integrates these values into his parenting. He aims to teach his children the importance of kindness and seeing things from others’ perspectives, which he hopes will be reflected in their interactions with the world.

Parenting Insights and Challenges

Jeffers also shares insights about the challenges and joys of parenting. He discusses the balance between guiding children and allowing them to discover the world independently.

Instagram // @oliverjeffers

Jeffers highlights the importance of nurturing curiosity and creativity in kids, encouraging them to explore and question the world around them. He believes that through storytelling and artistic expression, parents can help children develop a deeper understanding of their environment and their role within it. Jeffers’ work and parenting philosophy offer valuable lessons on empathy, connection, and the power of stories in shaping our worldviews.