Identical Twins Share Details of Their Marriage With Another Set of Identical Twins

Seeing Double

What happens when life is filled with a bit more twins? It gets twice as happy! The story of Briana and Brittany Deane will make you believe in such a fairytale in real life. The identical twin sisters are married to identical twin brothers Jeremy and Josh Salyers. The two pairs met each other back in 2017 at the Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. It seems that no other place on Earth could be more perfect for these couples to meet and fall in love. The Salyers couples recently shared all the details of their dream wedding with the media.

The Wedding

The pair of identical twins are now in a quaternary marriage, which means a condition where identical twins marry identical twins. One year after meeting at the festival, they returned to the event on August 4th, 2018, and got married in the most fitting Twice Upon a Time-themed ceremony. While looking back on the big day, Josh recalled that seeing the twin sisters in their beautiful identical bridal gowns and veils, standing in a sea of other identical twins, was quite a sight! According to Briana, when they spotted the twin grooms waiting for them, they knew that they were walking into their own dream. The 36-year-old twin sisters told the media that they always wanted to marry another set of identical twins.

The Family

The Family

Looking back at the day, the 39-year-old identical twin brothers said that their special day was amazing and perfectly magical with the whole town coming out to celebrate their nuptials. In the five years since their double fairy-tale wedding day, the two Salyers couples have moved into a spacious Virginia home to live together. Josh and Brittany gave birth to their son Jett in January 2021, and Jax was born four months later to Jeremy and Briana. The kids are quaternary twins, meaning they are cousins and also genetic siblings.