Dad Decides to Fly EasyJet Plane to Spain Himself After Flight Delayed Due to ‘Missing’ Pilot

Wikimedia Commons // Robot8A // CC BY-SA 4.0

People always say that you shouldn’t let obstacles hold you back. A Manchester man certainly didn’t when his easyJet flight to go on holiday with his wife and son was severely delayed. The reason for the delay? A missing pilot! Not wanting to give up on his vacation, passenger Michael Bradley decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.

A Legendary Rescue

Bradley wasn’t just any old passenger, though. Being a licensed easyJet pilot himself, he brought his professional ID to the airport after hearing about the flight delay just in case he would be allowed to fly the plane. In an unprecedented move, the airport authorities gave him the go-ahead to helm the flight to Alicante.

Image by DCStudio on Freepik

A clip of the pilot explaining the situation over the flight’s PSA system was posted on Facebook by one of the female passengers. Talking over the PSA system of the aircraft, Bradley elaborated that his wife informed him of the delay. As they went through the security checks, the easyJet pilot thought it worthwhile to make a phone call in the off-chance that his family holiday excursion might get saved.

Bradley Saved the Day

Calling the authorities, he informed them that he would gladly help, and not long after he was asked to fly the plane! Naturally, this announcement was met with cheers by the other passengers.

Captioning the video, the female passenger narrated the situation as it happened, with the flyers arriving at the airport to the news of the flight being delayed a couple of hours. Shortly after, she happened to check for an update when she saw that the gates were being closed in preparation for take-off. Calling Bradley a legend, she predicted that the flight would likely have been canceled if not for him.