The 400-Year-Old Italian fortress That Is Still Standing Strong

History is something that affects the past, present, and future, and there’s no doubt about the fact that historic architecture has influenced how we live our lives. In fact, there are people living in the town of Palmanova who are living in the epicenter of one of the most impressive feats of historic architecture that this world has ever seen. Yes, that’s because this 400-year-old Italian fortress is still standing strong.

The 400-Year-Old Italian Fortress That Is Still Standing Strong

Going Back in Time

To truly understand this incredible fortress, we need to go back in time. During the 16th Century, an area of land in northeastern Italy was in the midst of a raging battle between Austria and the Republic of Venice. To protect themselves, the Venetians who lived here decided to give their home a complete overhaul, and they wanted to create a fortress like no other. They racked their brains to come up with a solution, and their decision was one that would change the course of history. That’s because they designed their fortress to become the “ideal city.”

The 400-Year-Old Italian Fortress That Is Still Standing Strong

The Perfect City

During this time, and in years past, philosophers, artists, and those who were highly educated in these fields dabbled with the idea of the “perfect” or “ideal” city that would look as though it had come straight out of a book or piece of artwork. In their eyes, this city came in the shape of a star – so they brought that idea to life. The city of Palmanova was soon built in this shape, with nine-sided ring roads that would intersect the whole shape, meeting at a single point in the middle. They wanted this design to be strong and stable, and it seems as though they did the job. Over 400 years and numerous wars later, the fortress is still standing, and looking as impressive as ever.

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